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Aerial Bundle Cable(ABC)

Aerial Bundle Cable

Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC) is insulated to protect the conductor, similar to cross linked cable that between aerial cable and buried cable of new power transmission method. According the structure of ABC that is classified into copper insulated cable , aluminum insulated cable, steel core and aluminum insulated cable.


ABC cable laying and linking reliable and in possession of excellent physical mechanical and electrical performance. ABC Cable laying needs short interval and save transmission line, voltage between lines reduced to prevent short circuit as well as keep people safe. 


ABC is all-weather product that is normally applying to mountain, forest, minging area and city area. Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC Cable) As a new type of overhead cable, the cable is used for overhead transmission of electricity and is widely used in urban reconstruction. Mainly used for overhead service applications, such as street lighting, outdoor lighting and temporary construction services.

Construction: Provide construction cables and wires of different sizes for global residential and non-commercial residences

Energy: Provide low-voltage power cables, low-voltage control cables, medium-voltage power cables, and high-voltage power cables for installations all over the world.

Enterprise and communications: to maintain the smooth operation of global communications and enterprises on land, sea or air.

Industry: Provide wires and cables worldwide to keep production processes and machines running at optimal efficiency.

Military: Provide reliable power cables, control cables, and communication/signal cables for mission-critical installations.

Mining: Industry-proven materials and processing lead to reliable mining cables, underground mining cables can withstand harsh mining environments.

Oil, natural gas and petrochemical: provide a full range of offshore cables, offshore cables, and submarine cables to ensure the use of mission-critical equipment in the most demanding exploration environments.

Renewable energy: For more than half a century, we have manufactured special cables for renewable energy technologies such as solar cables, wind cables, and nuclear cables.

Telecommunications: Our telecommunications cables cover an extremely wide range of applications, including voice, data and signal transmission.

Transportation: Provide railway cables, airport cables, subway cables, etc. for the global transportation system.

Cable Capability And International Standard

ABC voltage grade 0.6/1KV comply to executive standard GB/T 12527-2008 which is similar to IEC60502 standard. Voltage grade 8.7/15KV and 26/35KV comply to executive standard GB14049-2008 which is similar to IEC60502 standard.

Aerial Bundle Cable Prodluction Models

Aerial Bundled Cable(ABC cable)Aerial bundled conductorAerial Bundled CableAerial bundled conductor or ABC are using in overhead power cable systems.


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