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House wiring cable

Building Wire Manufacturer

Building wire are widely applied in street lights, fire safety, house decoration as well as house application like washing machine, water heater and air conditioner and son on. BV wire also called copper PVC insulated wire which is very common in our daily lives.

BV Wire

BV Wire
Conductor materialOxygen free copper
Insulated materialPVC
Working Temperature60℃, 70℃, 95℃
Voltage Class450/750V
Executive StandardGB5023-1997/2008, IEC CCC

General model of building wire

BVCopper core PVC insulation wire
BVVCopper core PVC insulation PVC sheath wire
BVRCopper core PVC insulation flexible wire
RVCopper core PVC insulation installation flexible wire
RVBCopper core PVC insulation parallel connection flexible wire
BVSCopper core PVC insulation stranded flexible wire
RVVCopper core PVC insulation PVC sheath flexible wire
BYRPE insulation flexible wire
BYVRPE insulation PVC sheath flexible wire
RYPE insulation flexible wire
RYVPE insulation PVC sheath wire

Building Wire Manufacturer

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Zhuhai Electric Wire And Cable Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer with 25 years experience in electrical wires and cables such as housing wiring cable, Photovoltaic (PV) Cableoverhead cable AACAAACACSRACARAerial Bundle Cable(ABC)wind power cablecontrol cable, computer shielded control cable, flameproof Cable, non armoured and armoured XLPE cable(with flame retardant and fire resistant).


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