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Control Cable

Control cable is normally used in electrical equipment, instrument and power distribution unit for transmission, controlling and measurement. Cable adopts PVC or XLPE as insulation in possession of outstanding performance of electric conduction, mechanical properties and chemical stability. Suitable for rated voltages 0.6/1KV for monitoring loop and protect circuit. Control shielding cable posses better shielding performance and thus widely applied in power generation and converting station. Cable laying in localized occasion of indoor, cable ditch, tunneling, direct buried that require bear substantial mechanical external forces.


1.Rated Voltages: 0.6/1KV;


2.Executive Standard: GB9330-1998 (refer to IEC227);


3. Application Characteristics: Cable conductor allowing operating temperature ≤70℃ (XLPE≤90℃,heat resistance 105℃ of ≤105℃); cable laying operating temperature ≥0℃; minimal bending radius should ≥ 8 times of cable outer diameter, armour and copper shielding cable should ≥ 12 times of cable outer diameter.

4.Control Cable Models

control cable models.jpg


5.Control Cable Technical Structure and Parameters

control cable models.jpg


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