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Flameproof Cable


Flameproof cable is generally classified into flame retardant and fire resistant categories. Fire resistant cable implement in high rise building, metro railway and power generation important occasions, to retard and delay cable burning in case of fire that mitigate and avoid smoke concentration and toxic gas releasing harmful to people health. Apart from keep transmitting electricity at rated voltages 0.6/1KV, also available maintain safe operation around 3 hours under 950-1000℃ burning temperature. Therefore substantial improve safety factor of fire resistant cable as well as saving valuable time for put out a fire.


2.Rated Voltages: 0.45/0.75KV, 0.6/1KV;


3.Executive Standard: GB/T 19666-2005,GB/T 19216.21-2003,GB12666.5 A/B,GB5023.3-1997,GB/T12706.1-2002( refer to IEC60331-1999,BS EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1-2, IEC60754-1/2,IEC 60332-3-24, BS6387-1994); 


4.Application Characteristics: Cable conductor allowing operating temperature ≤70℃ (max.duration not exceed 5 sec.). Cable maximum temperature not exceed 160℃, cable laying operating temperature ≥0℃; minimal bending radius should ≥ 12 times of cable outer diameter.

5.Flameproof Cable Models

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6.Flameproof Cable Character Code

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