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Difference between BV line and BYJ line

Nov. 17, 2022


BV wire is the most used wire in our daily household and home decoration. In recent years, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, BYJ wires with the advantages of high flame retardancy, low smoke and halogen-free, aging resistance, etc. have gradually come into people's view. Generally, BYJ cables are usually used in some construction projects and decoration with higher requirements for environmental protection and safety. What's the difference between the two? Let's share the difference between BV wire and BYJ wire with the editor of Zhuhai cable manufacturer.

 Difference between BV line and BYJ line

[Insulating material] "B" represents wiring, "V" represents PVC, and "YJ" represents cross-linked polyethylene. From the meaning of the letters, the insulation materials of the two are different.

[Performance difference] The fire resistance of BYJ wire is higher than that of BV wire, and the toxicity of BYJ wire is lower than that of BV wire.

[Different functions] BYJ wire has the advantages of non-toxic, flame retardant, long service life, high temperature resistance, etc. Although the service life of BV wire is longer, it has a lower service life compared with BYJ wire.

[Price difference] BYJ wire adopts cross-linked polyethylene insulation and BV wire adopts PVC insulation. In comparison, the price of BYJ wire is higher than that of BV wire.

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