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Can high-voltage cables be used as low-voltage cables temporarily?

Dec. 05, 2022


Cables can be divided into low-voltage cables, medium voltage cables and high-voltage cables according to the voltage level. In the daily construction process, there may be a lack of low-voltage cables of a certain type. If there are the same high-voltage cables, can they temporarily replace the required low-voltage cables? Now let's take a look at the bamboo sea cable tape.

Can high-voltage cables be used as low-voltage cables temporarily? 

In fact, there is no difference in structure and material between high-voltage cables and low-voltage cables of the same model. However, the difference in insulation thickness between the two is visible to the naked eye.

The insulation of high-voltage cables is thicker than that of low-voltage cables. If high-voltage cables are temporarily used in low-voltage cable areas, they will easily cause fire in case of short circuit.

Because the insulation layer of high-voltage cable is thick, the current is not easy to leak, which leads to internal combustion, so it is very easy to cause safety accidents. Even if there is no fire, the equipment will be damaged in the province.

To sum up, high-voltage cables are not recommended to be temporarily used as low-voltage cables. Zhuhai Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. has long produced power cables, photovoltaic cables, computer cables, control cables, household wires, aluminum alloy cables, and overhead cables of various specifications and models. Welcome new and old customers to call us for consultation. Tel.: +86 150 3011 3000