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Does the Wire have a Shelf Life?

Dec. 06, 2022


In daily life, some food, daily necessities, medicines, etc. we buy will have a shelf life. After the shelf life, food will deteriorate and the role of daily necessities will be greatly reduced. Is there a shelf life for cables? How long is the wire's shelf life?

Wires and cables can be seen everywhere in our lives. Many people think that as long as the cable is not broken, it can be used all the time. In fact, this statement is wrong, because the cable will also expire. The service life of ordinary household wires is generally about 10 years. After 10 years, there will be some risks. For example, if we eat expired food, it will not only have some differences in taste, but also cause diarrhea in severe cases. If the cable exceeds its service life, it is more likely to have potential safety hazards.

The service life of the cable is difficult to budget, because the service life of the cable will be related to the service life, the surrounding environment and whether it is overloaded. The service life of the cable is 10 years, which is actually an estimated average service life.

 Does the Wire have a Shelf Life?


Some wires and cables are used carefully, and the service life is usually higher than 10 years. However, some wires and cables are used outdoors. Frequent exposure to the sun will lead to the aging of wires and cables, so the service life will be relatively reduced.

Therefore, in daily use, we still need to strengthen the awareness of safe use of electricity, regularly check and maintain wires and cables, extend the service life of cables, and avoid potential electrical hazards.

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